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The eFusion product connects multiple search appliances to multiple content sources, bringing the enterprise's most useful information to the fingertips of the user community. eFusion connectors are designed to be fast, flexible, and easy to install, configure and use. (Download the PDF below to see the graphic full-size)

Our robust connector technology is optimized to retrieve content quickly while minimizing the impact on networks and underlying content servers and providers.

eFusion connectors are focused specifically on the enterprise search market and are explicitly tuned to appliance performance requirements and extended functionality.

All eFusion connectors are designed to be easily configured. In addition, eFusion provides a fully customizable connector with a simple user configuration wizard.

Continually Updated
As search appliance features change and content interfaces are updated, our connectors are updated continually to match the latest functionality and power.

eFusion connectors are rigorously tested against the latest search appliance and content management systems.

eFusion supplies metrics which provide insight into content statistics and performance.

eFusion provides support for a wide variety of search appliances, and content providers:

Search Appliances:
– Google Search Appliance GB-1001, GB-7007, GB-9009
–  MaxxCAT SB-250, EX-5000
–  Thunderstone SBE, Enterprise 250-1000, Enterprise 3000
–  Microsoft FAST

Content Providers:
– Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010
– Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010
– Database
– File Share
– Web
– Custom connectors